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My Withdrawal experience with Paypal

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 7:19 PM


Guys, I have told you that I will post my withdrawal experience with Paypal and here I am telling you that experience.

Last time I was just browsing the internet and I thought of visiting my Paypal account. Why? Because I have a P1,553.25 balance on Linkbucks that I earned from their site. Of course I earned that money by posting links on different sites on a legal way. And yeah, before you could withdraw any amount on Paypal, you need to be verified first using my tutorial here.

Anyway, so I thought of withdrawing that amount from my Paypal account, so I logged in. I clicked the tab "Withdraw" and then "Withdraw funds to your bank account". You need to input your bank account details here correctly or else you will be charged for an amount return.

It took me almost 7 "working days" to be able to withdraw the amount. After the sixth or seventh I have found out that the transaction was now complete and the amount was added to my bank account.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ON what bank you have withdrawn your funds from paypal?