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Laiya Batangas Escapade with friends

Thursday, May 27, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 3:36 PM


May 23, 2010 - Me and my friends went to Laiya Batangas for an outing trip. Well, to be honest with you guys, I really missed them so much and it's good to be with them once more. Some of them really changed a lot...
(including me physically =P) and others still stayed the same as we once knew. Nostalgic memories came to me after I saw them and remembered the moments that we shared before on our college days. It's good to be with them once again, and i'll treasure another moment with them for the years to come.

We travelled for almost 6 hours to get there, not to mention the stop overs and detours that we made along the way. Actually there are two routes that we can choose, via Candelaria Quezon, or Lipa Batangas, and we chose the latter. They say Laiya Batangas is about 140 plus km from Manila. It is located mostly on the southeastern tip of the province Batangas and some say it is known for its white beaches, good snorkeling, and fishing. So we hope so.

After we have arrived at our destination which is at Paseo Verde, the beach really didn't disappoint us. The cottage was beyond normal for the rate of P1,500, the beach was almost white compared to other beaches, and you can almost see the cerulean skies on the waters of Batangas. There are activities there like riding a banana boat, jet skiing and a volleyball beach court though you need to have your own ball to play.

Life is a important, and we need to get most out of it to be happy am I right? Another moment spent with friends, another moment spent with life. Moments that you would remember until the very tip of your lives.

Live well and be happy ^_^

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