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Make money online, work right at your home (legit)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 6:55 PM


As of year 2009, the population of the Philippines would be estimated to be on 92,000,000 more or less. And as of 2009 the growth rate are booming on 1.957% on that time. Because of that many college students are graduating every year and the unemployed population is also growing.

The government are doing their best to make the unemployed population lesser every year, but many people are still work less. Many people are lucky to have their own personal computers at home to search for jobs and some people are even luckier that they have their jobs right at their home. Yes, right at their home, you could be employed and work on the vicinity of your home. You just need to have a private room where there's no surrounding noise, a webcam, and your very own personal computer. 

Now that gets interesting isn't it. So how would could you get employed and work right at your home?

One of the legit sites that I have found is Onlinejobs.ph. You just need to register at their site, and post your skills then you just wait. Yes, just wait. Many employers on that site are actively seeking for employees and on some time, an employer will email you. You need to reply on that email and discuss with your employer on the terms and conditions and salary, then bingo! You have your own online home job. 

On the next post, i'll list all the online job websites that I have stumbled upon.

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  1. Online money making is not so easy that it sound, it need lots of efforts and we have to take risks. Over her you have suggest some ideas on how we can make online money.