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Smoking Child

Thursday, June 3, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 8:41 PM


PhotobucketYesterday, I was browsing on my facebook account and I happen to saw this video. So I got curious and played it. And guess on what I have found? A boy who's at the age of 2-3 years old was smoking a cigarette, and he is so good at it that you'll think that he started at the age of one.

At the comments section they said that the boy was taught by his very own father. Well sadly, is it morally enough for the parent to give his son a stick and teach him how to smoke it? Is this what the parents teach their sons and daughters these days? =P

I can imagine the child's lungs at the age of ten maybe. A lung that is full of nicotine, so black that you couldn't see any blood vessel on it. He could die on teenage years if he still didn't quit, and may suffer cancer.

So anyway, while quitting smoking is one of the best prevention methods to avoid dying prematurely and DOH or the anti smoking advocates are doing their best and yet smoking continues, I want to state some facts and focus on teenage smokers and why they want to smoke or continue to smoke.

1.) 4 out of 10 students aged 13-15 years old smoke cigarettes. (CDC-MMWR,2005)

2.) Almost one fifth of young Filipinos began smoking at the age of 10 (Miguel-Baquilod, M., NEC, 2001)

3.) Usually 70 percent of teenage boys begin smoking at 20. Among Filipino girls, residence in cosmopolitan Metro Manila is related with high probability of smoking, and those who were raised with broken family are more likely to smoke than those who were raised with both parents present. Also for both genders, those who are close with their parents were less likely to smoke. (Teen Tobacco Epidemic in Asia 2004)

4.) Well this is ironic. Almost 90 percent (88.7% in 2003) of Filipino adolescents supports the ban on smoking in public places, and want to quit (88.2% in 2003) (CDC-MMWR, 2005)

5.) Among the factors that influencing teenagers to smoke, the following are significant: media advertising, exposure to smoke in public places, peer pressure, and one or more parents are smoking (CDC-MMWR, 2005)

6.)A very small percentage (7.2% in 2000) admitted that they want their first stick thirty minutes after waking up in the morning (CDC-MMWR, 2005)

7.)62.8 percent of Filipino adolescents are not refused purchase when buying cigarette products in a store.

8.)In an investigation, it was found out that some female Filipino smokers, they see it as "a substitute for expressing feelings" particularly anger and unhappiness. (Kaufman, N. J. and Nichter, M., 2001)

9.)The Philippines is the 15th biggest consumer of cigarettes in the world, and the largest consumer among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). (PDI, 2002, and WHO, 2001)

I hope people stop their smoking habit right now, all agree that it is dangerous to our health and to our environment. You see what good could it do to us but only damage.

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  1. dropped by.. :) adik no?

  1. Smoking is very injurious for our health if child starts to smoking than it is really bad for their health it causes so many dangerous disease.

  1. It is too harmful if child are start smoking, it may cause so many dangerous disease for them , in this article you have shred sch a useful and inspirational information about smoking.