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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 10:38 PM

Share Photobucket"Life is like a carousel"

This was a phrase that my friend shared to me, it was given by her new friend when they have shared their past experiences to each other. But is life, really like a carousel?

When we we're still kids, our parents usually take us to the downtown carnival or amusement park just to make us happy. And after we arrived at the said amusement park, it is like an upmost peak of our lives, that it may seem all of our dream came true. There are toys, rides, balloons, clowns (scared on them when I was a child) that you could mesmerize. And it felt like it would last forever.

One of the rides that children usually fond of was the carousel. It usually consist of seats that is composed of wooden horses or sleds that are moving up and down to simulate galloping, with of course accompanied of looped circus music.

Life is like a carousel.

Well to me, once you have rode it there's no turning back, unless you jumped out of the ride and that's ridiculusly called suicide. It will and must go around with you on your seat having your ups and downs deciding if you need to hold on or loose it up. It's like your life that has many obstacles and achievements that you usually face and holding on to your friends and families for strength. Sometimes, you'll feel dizzy and almost end up vomiting but still you try to control yourself because you know that you have to go through it in order to learn something and make the ride somehow worthwhile. At the end, you'll get down from the ride and you'll feel that somehow, you're satisfied.

So will you ride with me on the carousel?

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