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Monday, May 31, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 11:38 PM


PhotobucketMay 30, 2010 Sunday - I went to Trinoma last Sunday to have a movie date with Jamie and Popoy. Its good to see them again after we went to Laiya Batangas and this is a really rare occassion that only the three of us came, so every moment spent counts...

Woke up at around 10:00am and even I still want to sleep, I got up and did my morning duties. Excited about the movie date, I texted Jamie and asked if we will proceed and she said yes. So I took a shower and went to Trinoma at around 2pm.

To hot... yes it's really hot at that time though I love the heat it really irritated me. I travelled to Sm fairview and from there I took an fx to Sm north. When I arrived to trinoma, wow... as in wow... there's so many people roaming around the mall, and I didn't anticipated this because Trinoma was on SALE that day. But yes I still love the fact that I will finally meet my friends again.

PhotobucketAfter we found each other, despite of the crowded mall, we still roamed around and we bought some stuffs and snacks. And after that Yey! We bought the tickets and guess what we will watch? Its Prince of Persia!! The one that I have waited in the past. The one that I have been playing when I was still a kid. Finally it has its own movie, and really its cool to watch it on the big screen. So you're asking what was my rating? Four thumbs up! Including my toe thumbs.

We left the movie house happy for the fact that our money was not wasted. We head to Starbucks ( whom I can't remember who suggested it ) and settled down there to have a chat. It was a happy moment. Imagine two of your good old friends chatting with you, sharing experiences about the good ol' Comach which we have something in common. It was great and we didn't even realized that its past 11 already. So we head out and escorted Jamie to the taxi pool and I left Trinoma with Popoy.                                                                              

I hope that this movie date will be repeated again on some time, and we're planning on watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice next time. Do you want to come? ^_^ 

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