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I Don't Eat My Friends

Friday, May 28, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 5:01 PM



Correct! I don't eat my friends. These cute little furry and fluffy little animals that you can see above are my friends and I don't want to eat them. Their lives are precious too, and they have right to live like us. Eating them could be harmful to your health and the environment and i'll tell you why.

Scientific studies have shown that meat is full of antibiotics, hormones, toxins produced by stress on the time that these animals are killed. Before they are cut up into pieces by a machine, they are tortured increasing the adrenalin and toxins in their blood. Also these meat contains up to 70% saturated fats which are not needed by our body. These fats can cause different health conditions and diseases like cancer. Scientific studies also show that 80% of food poisoning is due to infected meat (feces, bacteria etc.) because after all meat is decomposing flesh. These toxins and bacteria bring harm to our body and make us more vulnerable to diseases. Do you still want to eat meat?

Many are starving because of limited amount of food produced on some countries. What if the food that was being given to farm animals are given to the people who are starving?  Studies show that 70% of all grain in the world are fed to animals. What if these grain are given to these starving people? Imagine that.

Another thing. We humans are made to eat fruits and vegetables. Why? Can you see any humans that have sharp canine teeth? Only wolves, tigers, lions and such animals have very sharp canines. These tooth are made to bite and eating their prey. They are meant to eat meat. While giraffes, pigs, or horses have smaller canine and meant to eat soft kind of foods like fruits and plants. We have smaller canines and therefore we are herbivores like these animals and we are meant and made to eat only fruits and vegetables. We are not suppose to eat meat. Also our body is programmed to eat only soft kind of foods, because in our stomach we only produce weaker acids compared to our friend carnivores. 

Many people will just say that its a habit. Many people will just say that they just want to because its their favorite. But being healthy is the most important in our lives today right? To stay fit and happy with our lives and be with our love ones are the most important. Live well and stay happy.

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