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Weird Dream

Thursday, June 10, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 1:38 PM


Last night I dreamed that I was one of the kings of Narnia. It is really weird that I see the castle and the 4 kings and queens cast of the movie Chronicles of Narnia. Really really weird, as I can see the different creatures like centaurs, men who are riding on the Griffin's back, Phoenixes and mostly talking animals.

Well I didn't watch the movie prior that night, and it is one of the reason why it is weird. I can't remember mostly of my dream, but I remembered the highlight of it. I was a time traveler. I have this weird looking wrist watch that has three buttons at the back. Two buttons correspond to the date and time of when I should go, and the bigger button is for making your self invisible. The watch is silvery in color and have a  modern design on it.

Why do I have this apparatus? Well I don't know but something tells me that I have a mission on that dream, and I need to go back in time. On the time when all is well and there's no such thing as ruckus and war.

So I time traveled and went to the time that I have adjusted. "8 1995 or 8 1998" I really can't remember the digits, but surely enough it was between the two. When I pushed the button, all around me went black and then I arrived at the same spot where I am standing, but the difference is that, everything changed. The walls of the castle are more thicker, and wait... do you know that it is like the main building of University of Santo Tomas? Haha! It was really really weird, so anyway I pushed the third button and I turned invisible. I went up to the upper most part of the castle and it is cool, people who are passing, can't even see me. So then, I went to this room and stple the thing which I really can't remember, and run like hell. As I ran, I noticed that people are starting to see me. So I went back from the spot where I have arrived, turned the dials, pushed the buttons and off I go.

I arrived at the so called present time and gave the thing that I stole to the cast of movie. *Really weird* So I then told to my self that I should get going and used the wrist watch. Ooops it didn't work. So I panicked, and one of the queens said that I depleted the sand inside the apparatus. The sand?! What the sand?! Is she talking about the sand inside the dagger like on the movie Prince of Persia?! *So weird* So after she told me that, she pull out a bag of sand from inside of her pocket and refilled my wrist watch. I again dialed, pushed the buttons, and traveled again in time.

All was black, all was spinning and there. I was now, in my bed saying to myself "what a weird dream". Then my cellphone alarmed and I got up and fix my bed.

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Currently have 7 comments:

  1. nice : ) says:

    woah! weird, but really cool dream! :D i enjoyed reading it! :)

  1. Renz says:

    super weird dream.
    movie aficionado? maybe you are and you have a very creative mind. :] Love this post

  1. hahaha!..kuya, don't forget to join me sometime in your cute dream :)

    -pag kasi ako nakakalimutan ko, this was fantastic :)

  1. Shan Serilo says:

    @Nice - Thanks nice ^_^

    @Renz - yes I am ^_^ though I really didn't thought about dreaming about a movie or something that I myself included in it =P

    @Myx - haha sure myx!! sige next time i'll include you on one of mine ^_^

  1. za says:

    that's good! :D having cool dreams..
    I used to have weird dreams every night.. haha. but when I woke up, I forgot everything and it is hard for me to tell it because my dreams are too crowded :D

  1. buti ka pa may ganyan... ako napanaginipan ko nabaril ako eh. pag gising ko, umiiyak ako..

    penge nga ng panaginip hehehe :P

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