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Tuesday Vargas Wedding

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 2:44 PM


Last night I've checked my facebook account and I stumbled upon the wedding video of one of our best comedienne Tuesday Vargas.

This is one of the very heart warming video that I have seen as it is like a sneak peak on an upcoming romantic movie. The wedding was held at Boracay beach and really I felt like mushy.

To those who still didn't seen the video, I've tagged it below.

Best wishes to them and I hope they would stay forever.

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Currently have 5 comments:

  1. Rhea Gulin says:

    i like this one too, its so simple.. yet super adorable!

  1. HellaMay says:

    oh she got married already? good for her :D

  1. landel says:

    Wow! a dream come true, so wonderful.I really love this couple. .I like the tattoos lol well Tuesday is my favorite since then. congratulations! kudos=)

  1. Anonymous says:

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