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Cellphone Scam

Sunday, June 27, 2010 , Posted by Shan Serilo at 3:37 PM


Oh yeah! I'm back. After a long stressful fixing and choosing a layout that I like, last night I've settled down on this beautiful blogger theme called Falknerpress. Last night I've stumbled upon this website that is called Bloggertricks.com and I like their posts. Some posts actually helped me on fixing my themes or installing widgets on mine. This site is a definitely worth to visit.

Alright then, let's get back to the real deal. This morning at around 9am I've received a text from +639298141110 and the message goes like this.

"(Notice> CONGRATS Ur sim# Had won Php550,000. Preraffle draw. From NOYNOY AQUINO FOUNDATION... 4mor dtails Pls.CaLL Now! I'm Atty. Ricky L. Yap. DTI-NCR#537.s10."

Now that's new. A foundation that is giving away money? And it actually included the presidents name which is Noynoy Aquino. Actually I've received many texts like this from that number and it ranges from lotto winnings to family relative scams. I just ignore the messages because I don't want to waste my time and load just to text someone I know that is a scammer.

And what if you called him? Let's say, nothing will lose if you try to call him right? Well at some news that I recall, when their victim have taken their bait, which is the amount of peso that they've won, the victim will try to call the number and the scammer will try to persuade the victim that this scam is a legit one. Then if the victim realizes that the scammer is right, the scammer will then ask for some money as a processing fee for the price money. Then the victim will pay. This will actually repeat again on sometime, and he will again ask for another money for the processing fee, and because the victim want to collect the price money that he or she won, he'll pay again the scammer. Until the victim realizes that he's been scammed, then this is the time when the scammer will run out of the scene.

Well I've posted this, as a warning to everyone not to trust this number or scam. Be careful to people that you don't know and be sure that its a legit one. Be careful and be warned.

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Currently have 5 comments:

  1. WEW! nice template kuya shan :))

    about the scam, I have received a message like that before. pero un, nahingi ng load from me, kuya ko daw sya.. and i replied on it..hahah! unli kasi ako non, bored at the same time..sabi ko, "received it already?" hahah! sabi, "not yet!" eh wala naman akong pinadala.haha!

    (nonsense! :P nashare ko lang po)

  1. landel says:

    nice one. .that's the good thing we can do. Lets be aware about spam and we can stop them right?

  1. i received both the lottery win and the pass text scam texts - several times! I always wondered who in their right mind would fall for this. but, apparently they do! I know a whole family who rejoiced and whooped around the house thinking they won - before somebody told them it was a scam, of course. :)